Thursday, 23 May 2019 | 13:53 WIB

Cervical Cancer Kills 50 Women in Indonesia Every Day

Cervical Cancer Kills 50 Women in Indonesia Every Day (special)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - As many as 50 Indonesian women die every day from cervical cancer, which means 18,000 more Indonesian women die in a year due to cervical cancer. This is as revealed by health expert Dr. Venita explained about how to prevent cervical cancer.

According to Venita from the representative of the Jakarta Cancer Foundation in Jakarta, the data on deaths from cervical cancer may continue to increase if it is not handled properly.

"Cervical cancer is the only type of cancer that is purely caused by a virus, different from other cancers which are caused by multi factors, so this cervical cancer can be prevented by vaccination early," said Dr. Venita.

Venita also said that the vaccine could be given to all women starting at the age of 9 years.

"We can give this anti-cervical cancer vaccine to girls starting from 9 years, for all circumstances except being pregnant," said Dr. Venita

Venita also added, the purpose of giving this vaccine is to prevent it, so the sooner the prevention of cervical cancer can be faster.

"Children aged 9-13 years have a better immune system. So, giving vaccines is enough twice, whereas children over 13 years must receive the vaccine 3 times," Venita said.

At the same place, Prilly Latuconsina, a celebrity and ambassador to prevent cervical cancer, said that many Indonesian women feel that they are not likely to get cervical cancer so they feel they don't need to receive the vaccine.

"The obstacle in the prevention of cervical cancer is that many women feel that they are not at risk, they don't know if the doctor already has the vaccine, even though every woman has the same risk regardless of age and status," Prilly said.

Prilly also said that the effort she had done as an Ambassador to Prevent Cervical Cancer was that she had started from herself and her family to use vaccines, talked about cervical cancer whether on social media or not, spread information about cervical cancer on social media and toured school to invite Indonesian women to prevent cervical cancer by using vaccines.