Saturday, 25 May 2019 | 10:02 WIB

Health Ministry’s Campaign ‘Fill My Plate‘ Breaks World Record

Health Ministry’s Campaign ‘Fill My Plate‘ Breaks World Record

JAKARTA, NNC - The 'Fill My Plate' campaign by the Ministry of Health broke the world record. This initiative was carried out in the context of National Health Day by inviting thousands of residents in Jakarta to eat food according to the portion of ‘Fill My Plate’.

A total of 3,284 people participated in the joint meal. The portion of ‘Fill My Plate’ contents recommended by the Ministry of Health is 2/3 of dishes filled with carbohydrates, 2/3 of vegetables, 1/3 of fruits, and 1/3 of protein.

"We hope that all Indonesian people will know the contents of their plates for us to create a healthy, strong and competitive Indonesian nation," said Minister of Health at the peak event of the 54th National Health Day in Jakarta on Sunday (11/18/2018).

Minister of Health explained the interpretation of the 54th National Health Day theme "Let's Live Healthy Starting with Ourselves" can be interpreted that health starts from the contents of our plates.

The CEO and initiator of MURI, Jaya Suprana expressed his respect and appreciation to the Minister of Health for the efforts in improving the health of Indonesian citizens.

"Health problems are directly related to people's welfare. I see the Minister is always persistent and focused on improving health," said Jaya Suprana.

"This movement (eating according to the contents of ‘Fill My Plate’) is very good, so MURI awarded the World Record award certificate. Because I haven't heard this kind of movement in other countries," Jaya said.