Saturday, 25 May 2019 | 09:50 WIB

3P, Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus


JAKARTA, NNC - Dr. Grace Joselini who handled the Indonesian Women's Soccer National Team on the 2018 Asian Games appealed to the Indonesian people to recognize 3P as symptoms of Diabetes Melitus (DM) which are often ignored. The three Ps in question are: Polyuria, Polydipsia and Polyphagia.


Polyuria is a condition where you urinate more often than usual.


Polydipsia is excessive thirst so you want to drink more. In addition to excessive thirst, polydipsia is also usually accompanied by prolonged oral dryness.


Polyphagia is a condition where you often feel excessive hunger or your appetite increases. This hunger continues even though you have eaten more than usual.

"People with DM have their insulin disrupted so they become weak and thin. The organs are also problematic and can interfere with endurance," said dr. Grace during the Press Conference of O-Generation Threatened by Non Infectious Diseases, Sun Life Financial Indonesia Presents 'Live Healthier Lives' Campaign on Thursday (11/8/2018).

According to dr. Grace, DM is not an obstacle for exercise because being active is one medicine for DM. Exercise can help regulate insulin of DM patients.

"Excercise is medicine. Also, adjust your diet by paying attention to the type of food you’re eating, when you eat and the calories you consume," said dr. Grace.