Saturday, 25 May 2019 | 10:16 WIB

Man in Italy Cries Tears of Blood

Man in Italy Cries Tears of Blood (illustration: newsmedicine)

JAKARTA, NNC - A man in Italy is experiencing a rare condition, in which the 52-year old man cries tears containing blood. Doctors say the condition is triggered by rare condition.

Doctors in Italy have revealed the case of a man who went to hospital because he cried blood from his eyes. The man, who was not named, did not hurt his face and was not in pain, but blood suddenly began to pour from his eyes.

After a rigorous examination, medical staff found him suffering from hemolacria, a rare condition that causes people to produce tears containing blood. The man's bleeding occurred two hours before he got to the hospital and only lasted a few minutes.

However, tears containing blood began to drip from his eyes again when he was in the waiting room. A medical examination revealed the man had a non-cancerous tumor under his eyelids.

The man is believed to have visited a hospital in the Italian city of Messina, northeast of Sicily. His rare condition is reported in the New England Journal of Medicine.

When he arrived at the hospital, he could not explain why his eyes were bleeding, because he did not hurt the eyes, nose or other parts of his head. Bleeding from eyes had never happened to him before, and he did not suffer from nosebleeds, bleeding gums or bruising easily.

As reported from the Daily Mail, Sunday (11/04), haemolacria is a rare condition in which the body mixes blood with tears.

It is not clear how many people are affected by the terrible conditions, and that can be caused by a number of things. Eye infections, facial wounds, swelling, tumors in or around the eyes, or all nosebleeds can produce tears that contain blood.

Blood can originate from a bleeding wound and mix with tears, then there is a push from the part that connects the eyes and nose, or from a leak of blood vessels in the tear duct. This condition appears worse than usual, and can usually be treated by overcoming underlying infections or other causes. However, it can be caused by high blood pressure, cancer or a serious injury that must be examined by a doctor.

The man was given eye drops containing timolol, which is used to treat glaucoma and reduce pressure in the eyes. After he was treated with drops, he did not report another incident about blood tears for a year, namely when he returned to the hospital for an examination.