Saturday, 19 October 2019 | 21:18 WIB

Health Minister: Measles and Rubella are Deadly Diseases

Indonesia Minister of Health Nila Moeloek (special)

JAKARTA, NNC - Indonesia Minister of Health Nila Moeloek says the Ministry of Health would be fully responsible for eliminating the impact of measles and rubella (MR).

MR may cause the Indonesian nation to lose quality human resources (HR), considering the loss of life and economy of the community.

"In terms of health, we are responsible for health. We carry out the obligation to prevent deaths from diseases," she said.

This was conveyed by the Minister of Health in the Media Discussion of the Merdeka Barat Forum (FMB) 9 with the theme "The Long Way of MUI Vaccine MR Fatwa", held in the Multifunction Room of the Ministry of Communication and Information, Jakarta, Tuesday (09/18/2018).

Nila explained that in terms of health, MR disease is a serious and deadly disease. Symptoms that arise are the skin of a child experiencing red patches. Conditions get worse when their children's nutrition is bad because the virus will spread to the brain, lungs and diarrhea.

According to Minister Nila, MR is very dangerous for children because it will cause dehydration, as well as heart and eye disease. Nila also warned that the symptoms of Rubella measles triggered by fever seemed to be mediocre.

"If the woman is young and is infected by a child affected by rubella, the pregnant woman and her baby will also be infected. Then the child born can become deaf, inflammation of the brain and heart," said Minister of Health.

Responding to the MR vaccine immunization program throughout Indonesia which has been carried out since 2017 and entered the second phase this year, Minister of Health said that in fact many countries have used MR immunization to treat this disease.

However, thus, the Minister of Health added that Indonesia still has PR related to MR elimination, because other countries are also wary of when Indonesia is hit by MR outbreak.

"It is hoped that with this elimination program, the MR case will decrease in 2020. This is our job, no matter how we will prevent and make quality resources," said Minister of Health.

Minister of Health added that aside from the MR impact resulting in disability and even death, other losses were the economic impact for the families affected by the plague.

"If we just inject it, the price of the vaccine is IDR29,000 and this is the government's program that is financed by the government," she added.

Not only that, the illustration of the Ministry of Health describes, the operation for uncomplicated measles patients costs at least IDR6,680,000. The operation for children affected by Rubella measles with complications is at least IDR12,890,700.