Friday, 19 July 2019 | 05:24 WIB

Three Animals Known as Rabies Carrier in Indonesia

Illustration of rabies

JAKARTA, NNC - Rabies is an infectious animal disease that can attack humans caused by virus. There are three animals that have been known to transmit the rabies virus in Indonesia, namely dogs, cats and monkeys.

Dogs, cats and monkeys are known to transmit the rabies virus to the human body through bites. The virus then enters the human or animal body through a bite wound or wounds that are exposed to animal or human saliva with rabies.

The Ministry of Health's Prevention and Control of Vector and Zoonosis Infectious Diseases Director, Elizabeth Jane Soepardi, told NNC in Jakarta.

"If bitten by a dog, cat or monkey with rabies, the virus can get into the wound. If (the victim) has no wound, its safe. If there is a wound, the virus can penetrate the blood and seek for a nerve," said Jane.

Jane says after finding a nerve, the virus will enter and travel to the brain. If the bite or wound enters the body close to the brain, for example the neck, it will be life threatening.

Rabies is a zoonosis disease, a disease that can attack animals and humans. Rabies is acute and attacks the central nervous system, warm-blooded mammals and humans.

Its clinical symptoms include fever, lack of appetite, weakness, insomnia and severe headaches. Symptoms such as hallucinations, fear of water, fear of the wind and fear of sound began to appear. The symptoms appear 2-3 months later after the bite.

Country members of the World Health Organization (WHO) have also agreed to set September 28 as World Rabies Day (WRD). The WRD 2018 theme is "Share the Message, Save a Life" and in Indonesia the theme is called "Share the Message to Save Lives.

The highlight event of World Rabies Day will be held at Benteng Moraya, Tondano, Minahasa District and North Sulawesi Province on September 28, and will be attended by Health Minister Nila F Moeloek and along with several other ministries.