Tuesday, 11 Augst 2020 | 16:24 WIB

Measles, Malnutrition Kill 71 in Papua

As many as 71 people died due to malnutrition in Papua.

JAKARTA, NNC - Health Minister Nila Moeloek said as many as 13,300 children in Asmat Regency, Papua, have been vaccinated as efforts to control the epidemic of measles. Until now there are 71 people died from measles and malnutrition.

According to Minister Nila, not all districts in Asmat Regency get the service because it is constrained by difficult terrains. "There are still some unreached districts because to get to those places is difficult," said Nila, Wednesday (1/31/2018).

Based on data received by the Asmat Humanitarian Task Force as of Tuesday (1/30), the number of inpatients in Asmat remains 26 people, 19 of whom were treated in Asmat Regional Public Hospital and seven patients are treated in the Hall of Protestant Church of Indonesia Asmat.

Five patients who are still inpatient at Asmat Regional Hospital are diagnosed with measles, 10 people suffering from malnutrition and diarrhea, and four people suffering from fever.

The condition of patients treated at the Hall of Protestant Church of Indonesia is all malnourished. Previously, the number of patients treated in the Hall of Protestant Church of Indonesia was 47 people, of whom 40 patients had been discharged.

Meanwhile, Social Affairs Minister Idrus Marham on a separate occasion said the problem solving in Asmat Regency must be integrated and cross-sectoral. A number of ministries solve problems of infrastructure, environment, education, health and others.

According to him, what is done in Papua should be based on culture, regional character, cannot be equated to others. Idrus also mentioned that the handling of the problem in Asmat is a humanitarian operation.

"The involvement of the TNI [Indonesian Armed Forces]-Polri [National Police] is in the context of humanitarian operations, not military operations," said Idrus.