Tuesday, 21 May 2019 | 03:38 WIB

Baby Requires Surgery Every Six Months until 18 Years Old

Baby Requires Surgery Every Six Months until 18 Years Old

MISSISSIPPI, NNC - A baby girl is born with several syndromes that no other patient has ever experienced. That circumstance made her require surgery every six months until she is 18 years old.

She is an eight-month-old Zoey Tidwell, from Saucier in Mississippi, experiencing complications in the facial bone area, large cleft palate and difficulty breathing.

Zoey has no bones around her sockets, her jaw also loses pieces of bone, making her unable to eat or learn to talk.

The infant is suffering from Treacher Collins Syndrome (TCS) and other conditions also undergo the first surgery at the age of five months, and requires a tube to feed him directly into his stomach.

"Regardless of the problem, she is an angel. Zoey is my little fighter, even at a young age, she is very tough and has changed my life. Without surgery, her expression is very bleak, and her quality of life will not be great, it is very important for her to learn to eat, talk and act like other people, "said Megan (27), Zoey’s mother, who also suffers TCS, as quoted from Daily Mail.

Megan spoke to raise awareness of Zoey's condition, and also raised money to fund her daughter’s treatment to the hospital.

Megan is a single parent working part-time, explaining that Zoey inherited TCS from her. This makes her daughter develop a bilateral cleft lip that prevents her from feeding and talking.

Zoey also has micrognathia, which stops the growth of her jaw, chin and ears. Not only that, Zoey is also natural Pierre Robin Syndrome that contributes to obstructions in her respiratory tract.

"The geneticist told me that this is very rare and only a one-time event in the world." The expert examined it but has not found another documented case like my daughter, "Megan said.