Tuesday, 31 March 2020 | 15:54 WIB

Frequent Bleeding Outside of Menstrual Cycle May Be Sign of Cancer

Frequent Bleeding Outside of Menstrual Cycle May Be Sign of Cancer (bahayakanker)

BEKASI, NNC - Do you often experience bleeding outside your menstrual cycle?. If yes, you should be aware, as it may be a sign of cancer. The cancer in question is endometrial cancer, or which is often known as cervical cancer.

Dr. Toto Imam SpOG (K), gynecology and oncology expert at the Gatot Soebroto Military Hospital, said frequent bleeding outside of menstrual cycle may be a sign of cancer.

"Bleeding outside of the menstrual cycle may be cancer, but the bleeding does not necessarily mean its cancer,” he said.

He explained that there are various types of bleeding that became symptoms and signs of cervical cancer. Various bleeding that occurs during postmenopausal, ie when women experience natural bleeding when menopause. Also natural metroragia, namely bleeding between two menstrual cycles, such as when you have experienced menstruation, then you experience bleeding after the cycle within the same month.

"There are also other signs and symptoms of cervical cancer that is leukorea or leucorrhea complaints, most of which leukorea accompanies the main complaint," said Dr. Toto.

Dr. Toto explained there are many risk factors for uterine cancer such as obesity, unmarried, no children, high and old extensors exposure and family or genetic history.

"There are several actions that can be done to detect early this cervical cancer, some of which are doing pap smear, internal or clinical examination, ultrasound and microcure," Dr. Toto appealed.