Saturday, 25 May 2019 | 10:04 WIB

Thai Man Has Two Heads

Thai Man Appears to Have Two Heads

LOPBURI, NETRALNEWS.COM – A man in Thailand has a lump on the side of his head, making it seems like he has two heads. The lump grows massively from his ears and he says that he wants to die to end his suffering.

He is Jaroon Suanmali (71) who lives in Thailand's Lopburi Province. He first saw the growth of a lump a decade ago. He quickly ran out of money for treatment and ended up abandoning treatment at the hospital.

But now the growth is so great that Suanmali finds it difficult to sleep at night and during the day he says that he is experiencing tremendous pain.

"Sometimes I expect someone to give me a pill and I will never wake up again. They call me a man with two heads," Suanmali said, as quoted by page Daily Mail..

Suanmali still works despite his illness and is old age in an effort to make a living and pay for treatment. Even though his children have helped as much as possible, it's still not enough.

Suanmali added that he is not even sure if his condition could be treated now because the nature of the growth of the lump remains a mystery. The lump allegedly can be attributed to a condition known as Neoplasm.