Wednesday, 19 June 2019 | 09:40 WIB

Stockshot.ID Launches Indonesia’s First Marketplace for Footages, Videos

Stockshot.ID is launching marketplace for footages and videos. (Doc:Sani)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM -  Stockshot.ID is launching Indonesia's first online marketplace for footage content, short videos and video series as a hub and storefront featuring video footage about Indonesia, from Sabang to Merauke.

"We want to bring together video creators with both corporate and individual buyers at Stockshot.ID. We provide an easy system for transactions, contents about Indonesia, and use them without violating the copyrights of anyone," explained Diyan Surya, VP Marketing of Stockshot.ID, Thursday (8/10/2017).

According to Diyan, Stockshot.ID sees the potential for footage and video contents to be further developed, and can accommodate or become a showcase of the Indonesian video creators.

He explained since the soft launch in May 2017 the number of contributors who entrusted their footages reaches 13 accounts. So far, the stockshot.ID customers include agencies and mass media such as online media, national and international television stations, as well as national airlines.

"The number of contributors who entrust the footages and videos in Stockshot.ID is still small, far behind the online marketplace stock footage in other countries. One of the reasons maybe because we are still new to the online marketplace industry," said Diyan.

Current footages and video contents in Stockshot.ID have themes of culture, tourism, nature, and culinary as well as social life in Indonesia.

Fauzan Hamdi, VP Product Stockshot.ID admitted to still want to see the interests of the contributors to entrust the footages and videos of Indonesia. Because besides we are still feeling the video footage market, the existing features also need to be continuously improved and enriched of other types of contents that can be sold. "We'll see until the end of the year," he said.

Stockshot.ID is a marketplace portal for footage contents, short videos and first series videos in Indonesia. Like all other online trading services, Stockshot.ID brings together image recorders and video makers with both corporate and individual buyers. "We provide an easy system for transacting contents about Indonesia and using it without violating anyone's copyrights."

Available content reaches 2000 videos, 63 short video titles and 14 series of video programs with a total of 234 episodes. (*)