Monday, 17 June 2019 | 12:40 WIB

Jakarta City Council Wants IDR1 Trillion to Develop IT-Based Library System

Ashraf Ali, Vice Chairman of Commission E of Jakarta City Council (DPRD) (beritajakarta)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM – Ashraf Ali, Vice Chairman of Commission E of Jakarta City Council (DPRD), says an integrated information technology-based library system and data center is needed to encourage public reading interest. For that he expects this program can penetrate into remote areas of the capital city. 

"There will be books and the internet at integrated libraries. We want this program to penetrate to the village level,” Ashraf said on Monday (7/24).

However, he doubted that the integrated IT-based library system can be developed in Jakarta if the budget that is disbursed is not proportional to the needs.

Ashraf said that the current budget of the Library and Archive Service reaches IDR112 billion. The amount according to him is much different from the budget of IDR17 trillion for the Education Office.

"We propose a budget of Rp 1 trillion for the Library and Archive Service if this IT-based library program is growing to the settlement level," he said.

He explained that one of the strengths of the nation's competitiveness that can be utilized in anticipating every change both nationally and globally is the availability of the latest complete information that can be utilized.

According to Ashraf, the accuracy of decision-making, adding insight and increasing knowledge is desperately need the support of appropriate information. "The impact of the lack of quality information not only affects the state organizers but also on our national education system," Ashraf said.

Through information technology, continued Ashraf, can also be established system of library cooperation both at the national, regional and international levels so that information needs can be met at the global level.

Implementation of information technology in the library in addition to accelerate the process of management and service system that is more promising, also has a positive benefit for society to improve their ability not to stutter technology in this era of globalization.