Friday, 06 December 2019 | 12:51 WIB

Leptospirosis Infects 58 Patients in Kulon Progo, Kills Eight

Leptospirosis Infects 58 Patients in Kulon Progo, Kills Eight (ist)

KULON PROGO, NETRALNEWS.COM – Leptospirosis has infected at least 58 people at Kulon Progo district, Yogyakarta, in which eight of the patients have died.

Bambang Haryatno, Head of Kulon Progo’s Health Office Kulon Progo Bambang Haryatno, said the health office had handled 58 cases of leptospirosis. From January to June 2017 there have been 58 cases of leptospirosis that affected Kulon Progo residents.

He said leptospirosis spread at 12 sub-districts. Leptopirosis is not only caused by rodents in the rice fields, but rat urine in homes can cause this disease.

According to Bambang, the high cases of leptopirosis in Kulon Progo due to poor cleanness of living and environmental hygiene. For that, he hopes people always wash their hands or shower after traveling.

"The public needs to maintain the cleanliness of the body and the environment, and immediately seek treatment at the nearest public health center when the body is high," said Bambang, Monday (05/06/2017).

Bambang said leptospirosis disease can be cured if quickly known and handled. Cases of death in leptospirosis patients due to delayed treatment. "Leptospirosis can be cured."

Currently, continued Bambang, the Kulon Progo Health Office has collaborated with the Salatiga Vector Lab (Central Java) in conducting a survey of cases of leptospirosis and bats.

The survey sites, namely Kokap, Temon, Girimulyo Sentolo and Panjatan. During this time, cases of leptospirosis found in District Nanggulan and Girimulyo which bordered directly with Minggir and Moyudan Sleman district which is endemic leptospirosis.

"We hope this research can minimize cases of leptospirosis in Kulon Progo," said Bambang.