Thursday, 27 June 2019 | 15:08 WIB

President Jokowi Ensures No Reshuffle in April

President Jokowi (jejamo)

PURWAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo eventually denies reshuffle issue. This is following rumor on the shuffling of ministers in the Working Cabinet which is said to be done by April 2017.

"None. Today there is no reshuffle, this week no reshuffle, this month also no reshuffle," said President Jokowi in responding the issue of cabinet reshuffle when met after inaugurating the construction of Nusantara Mosque in Pondok Pesantren Al Hikamussalafiyah Islamic Boarding School, Cipulus, Wanayasa, Purwakarta, West Java, Tuesday (04/25/2017).

The President asserted that the government always evaluates the performance of ministers of the Working Cabinet. The evaluation is done regularly.

"Evaluation of ministers we do every week, every month, continuously," said the former Jakarta Governor.

The President appreciates the performance of ministers who have worked and conducted unannounced visits to some districts.

"The ministers work I think already at morning, noon, night. Always [go] to districts, always on the field. I think you can see for yourself," said President Jokowi.

The President also refuted the news related to the letter of resignation of Social Minister Khofifah Indar Parawansa who is rumored to participate in the elections in East Java Province.

"Until now there is none," said Jokowi.

Previously, rumor said that President Jokowi will overhaul the composition of his cabinet with regard to various developments of political maps that occurred in recent time. (*)