Thursday, 22 October 2020 | 04:42 WIB

Police Confirm Jiro Inao’s Death by Suicide

Inao's family hug Inao's body at Premier Bintaro Hospital (humaspolrestangsel)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM – In relation to the death of Jiro Inao (48), who allegedly committed suicide because of work pressure, Police Commissioner Argo Yuwono, Head of Public Relations at Jakarta Police, said the police already examined the crime scene, and confirmed that the death of the JKT48 was indeed due to suicide.

Argo said on Thursday (3/23) that the police had asked for an autopsy on Inao Jiro. However, Reny Damayanti, Jiro’s wife, refused the autopsy request. Reny viewed that her husband's death was God’s destiny. "She expressed that this was fate," he said.

The police have also requested information from the family of Inao Jiro. Investigators explained to the family that an autopsy would greatly help in solving the case. However, the bereaved family remained adamant about not performing autopsy on Inao Jiro. "Perhaps that is the culture in Japan. Thus, the autopsy has been canceled,” Argo added.

Inao Jiro was found dead at his home in River Park Residence in West Jurang Mangu, South Tangerang on Tuesday, (3/21) in an apparent suicide by self-hanging.

Head of South Tangerang Police’s Public Relations, Assistant Commissioner Mansuri said, Inao Jiro was taken to Bintaro Premier Hospital. However, emergency crew at the hospital were not able to resuscitate him. Police have examined three witnesses in relation to Jiro’s death. (*)