Sunday, 16 June 2019 | 11:51 WIB

Striking Question, Justice: Did e-ID Project Belong to Golkar?

Hearing for e-ID case at Central Jakarta Corruption Court

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Hearing of alleged corruption case in the procurement project of electronic-based national identity card or e-ID card held at the Corruption Court in Central Jakarta, Wednesday (03/22/2017) yesterday went smoothly and gave attractive colors. This is after a striking question by the judge to the witness from the House of Representatives (DPR) about the e-ID card project.

Chief of panel of judges in the hearing of e-ID case John Halasan Butar-Butar asked if the e-ID project "belonged to Golkar?"

The judge asked that to two witnesses, former Deputy Chairman of House’s Commission II. The question was of course a blow to the Golkar Party politicians.

John Butar-Butar asked that there is a term appearing, 'oh, the e-ID card project belonged to the Golkar party'. What comes to my mind is that Parliament all are political parties, said John.

However, former Vice Chairman of Commission II of the Democratic Party Teguh Juwarno said he had never heard the term. According to Teguh, e-ID card project is a state project.

"[I] never have heard. I do not think there is, it is a state project, government project," Teguh said briefly.

Furthermore, the judge also asked the same question to another witness, Taufik Effendi. This time Judge John mentioned the Golkar Party with 'in yellow brackets'.

"I heard, in the House’s Commission II this is a project of Golkar, in yellow brackets," said judge John.

“Never, Your Honor,” Taufik replied again.

Judge John Butar-Butar also pursued the question to the witness if the House’s Commission II ever criticized e-ID project during discussion; Teguh again admitted that he did "not know because never participated in discussing it."

"Did the discussion in Commission II related to e-ID card? Did it ever be criticized?" the judge asked again.

"I did not know because I never participated," stressed Democratic Party politician Teguh Juwarna. (*)