Tuesday, 11 May 2021 | 20:23 WIB

Jakarta Police Bag New Suspect Names of Pedophile Case via Facebook

Police arrested pedophile perpetrators. (Toar Sandi)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Directorate Special Criminal Investigation at Jakarta Metro Police continues to investigate pedophile case that currently comes into spotlight. Presumably there are other suspects involved in the distributor of pornographic contents in the form of videos and pictures via Facebook account.

Deputy Director of Special Criminal Investigation at Jakarta Metro Police, Adjunct Senior Commissioner of Police Ahmad Yusep, Thursday (3/16/2017) at Police Headquarters, said the police have bagged several new names of pedophile actors. "We continue to strive to be able to crack down or catch other actors," he said.

The Jakarta Police are still deepening the presence of other actors through 500 videos and 100 photos on the pedophile group account. In addition, they also still crosscheck the truth, because the name on the account is not real name.

"We crosscheck for the truth. We are coordinating as well with the social media. God willing with devices we have [we] could find out the data," said Ahmad as quoted from Tribatanews.polri.go.id.

In this case, the deputy asked for help from the public to also assist the Police if they have information related to the network. This is because the case relates to the nation's morale.

"For public, if there is relevant information please inform [us] the matter because this is principle for the development of the nation, especially damaging the cadre of the nation," urged Ahmad. (*)