Wednesday, 19 June 2019 | 08:39 WIB

Indonesian Gov’t Showcases Palapa Ring Network Infrastructure in Switzerland

Indonesian Gov't Showcases Palapa Ring Network Infrastructure in Switzerland (teknologi)

GENEVA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Indonesia Ministry of Communication and Information has presented the Palapa Ring network infrastructure project at the annual World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) forum in Geneva, Switzerland.

In the WSIS High-Level Policy Panel session, the Director General of Post and Information Empowerment (PPI) at the Ministry of Communications Ahmad M. Ramli conveyed that Indonesia continues to build a digital ecosystem and establishes its position as the largest digital economy in Southeast Asia.

"As a country with a target of contributing US $ 130 billion in GDP from the economic sector by 2020, Indonesia will continue to build its digital ecosystem. One of them is the completion of the Palapa Ring National High Capacity Backbone Network," said Ahmad M. Ramli, in a press statement Kominfo, Thursday (04/11/2019).

The Palapa Ring infrastructure network will be able to service high-speed Internet in more than 440 cities and districts in Indonesia. The Palapa Ring is expected to encourage inclusion and adoption of the financial sector as well as digital payments in Indonesia, especially when the number of Internet users in Indonesia reaches 150 million people.

In building a digital economy in Indonesia, he said, a multi-stakeholder approach was used, among others by holding the National Creative Creation Literacy Movement, 1000 Startup National Program, Next Indonesia Unicorn (Nexticorn), Go Online Program and Digital Talent Scholarship.

Four awards

Meanwhile, in his press statement, the Ministry of Communications announced four Indonesian representatives who had won the Champion award from the United Nations, after going through a tight competition involving 1,062 initiatives from all over the world who signed up for WSIS Prizes.

The representatives that succeeded in bringing home the award were Data Bojonegoro (Relawan TIK Indonesia), Baktiku Pada Petani (Telkomsel), Baktiku Negeriku (Telkomsel), and Saintif (Mahasiswa Universitas Diponegoro)