Thursday, 27 June 2019 | 15:42 WIB

KPK Sting Operation Will Not Affect Company Work Program and Targets

Silmy Karim, President Director of PT Krakatau Steel (Persero) Tbk (kumparan)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Silmy Karim, President Director of PT Krakatau Steel (Persero) Tbk, says the alleged bribery case against one of the company's director--in which the director was arrested in a sting operation by Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK)--would not disrupt Krakatau Steel's work programs and target achievements in 2019.

"Krakatau Steel's management guarantees that the ongoing investigation does not disturb the company's performance," Silmy said in a statement in Jakarta on Sunday (03/24/2019).

Silmy acknowledged that management was concerned about this case in the midst of the incessant internal reform and improvement of the company's performance by promoting professionalism and good corporate governance in all fields and management practices that were free from conflicts of interest.

"There is no single company policy that supports practices that are not in accordance with good corporate governance," said Silmy.

He hopes that this case will be a positive starting point to support clean KS in the process of business transformation that is being carried out.

"State-Owned Enterprises are business entities that must be protected from intervention and weakening efforts, including weakening due to corrupt practices," he said.

Krakatau Steel's management respects and fully surrenders the applicable legal process and supports efforts to eradicate corruption and cooperate with the KPK.

The management hopes that this issue will be completed soon so the company can meet the target of good steel production to support national infrastructure development.