Monday, 17 June 2019 | 12:46 WIB

Transjakarta Provides Integrated Route with Jakarta MRT

Transjakarta President Director Agung Wicaksono (poskota)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Transjakarta President Director Agung Wicaksono said Transjakarta and Moda Raya Terpadu (MRT) mass transportation Jakarta starting on Friday (3/22/2019) provided a service route for BSD - Bundayan Senayan (S12), Bintaro-Blok M (S31), Pondok Cabe-Tanah Abang (S41), Jatijajar-Lebak Bulus (D21) and Cinere-Kuningan (D31).

"These new routes are integrated with the Jakarta MRT Sisingamangaraja Station and Lebak Bulus Station. With public transportation, the public can go to the destination or vice versa," Agung said in Central Jakarta on Friday (3/22/2019).

For the services of Bintaro-Blok M (S31), BSD-Roundabout Senayan (S12), Cinere-Kuningan (D31) use premium services, Royaltrans in serving the community. Whereas Pondok Cabe-Tanah Abang (S41) and Jatijajar-Lebak Bulus (D21) operate Metrotrans buses at regular rates.

"The five routes serve the community from 05.00 WIB to 22.00 WIB," Agung said.

The Metrotrans Bus has the capacity to have a capacity of 68 people, with 41 seats. While Royaltrans buses are provided seats for 30 people.

With the Jakarta MRT, Transjakarta also has integration services with micro transport programs, Jak Lingko, Lebak Bulus-Pondok Labu (JAK3), Petukangan-Lebak Bulus (JAK32) and Ragunan-Lebak Bulus (JAK45) routes.

And the Dukuh Atas - Sam Ratulangi (DA1), Dukuh Atas - Tanah Abang (DA2), Upper Hamlet - Kuningan (DA3), and Upper - City Hamlet (DA4) routes.