Monday, 27 May 2019 | 18:02 WIB

PKB Legislative Candidate Heriandi Lim Visits Office of

PKB Legislative Candidate Heriandi Lim Visits Office of (nnc)

JAKARTA, NNC - Heriandi Lim, Deputy Chairperson of the Regional Management Board (DPW) of the Jakarta branch of National Awakening Party (Partai Kebangkitan Bangsa/PKB) and candidate for DKI Jakarta Electoral District 3, has met with the editorial staff of on Wednesday (03/13/2019), at NNC office, Sunter, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta.

Heriandi's arrival was received directly by NNC Editor in Chief Yohanes Crisostomas Kurniantoro (Anto), Secretary of Editor Dewi Mahapidah, Managing Editor Firman Qusnulyakin, and other editors.

"Why am I going to Netralnews? Because I really want to know, and I hope that I also get a portion of coverage about my activities in the field," said Heriandi.

There are a number of topics discussed by Heriandi and the NNC editors in the relaxed and intimate meeting, including the current political situation to the role of the media as a means of delivering information flow to the public.

On that occasion Heriandi also appreciated the performance of NNC in presenting information that was balanced, neutral, and educated the public, especially in the political year of 2019.

"So what I see is that Netralnews is not only focused on giving a portion to the presidential election but also giving a portion for legislative elections, not only presidential candidates but also legislative candidates. Because of that, my hope is that Netralnews media will be more successful, bigger and better known by the public," he said.

Regarding Heriandi's visit, NNC Editor-in-Chief YC Kurniantoro said that his office was ready to provide information to the public about politicians who truly fought for the people's fate.

"First of all, we express our gratitude for the visit of Mr. (Heriandi) here, hopefully in the future we will continue to meet," said Anto.

"Secondly, as a media, of course we also have the responsibility to oversee and provide information to the public about the presidential candidates until the candidates who really want to fight for the people, not only during the campaign, but how those promises are realized when elected in the 2019 Election, "he concluded.