Wednesday, 17 July 2019 | 17:30 WIB

Agriculture Ministry Set to Revoke Licenses of Unregistered Pesticides

Agriculture Ministry Set to Revoke Licenses of Unregistered Pesticides (wakingtimes)

JAKARTA, NNC - The Indonesia Ministry of Agriculture has confirmed that pesticide products must be registered. Therefore, non-producing pesticide products are immediately revoked and the green book is immediately revised.

"Do not let there be an impression we sell permits. Especially the longest products and dozens of years but have not been revised, because the product distribution permit has a period," said Director General of Agricultural Infrastructure and Facilities Sarwo Edhy, in a written statement on Saturday (9/3/2019).

Furthermore, he hopes that there will be inputs from the Pesticide Commission and related agencies in various matters regarding pesticides. Specifically, in the context of revising changes to the Minister of Agriculture's regulation number 39 / Permentan / SR.330 / 7/2015 concerning Registration of Pesticides.

"Technical aspects, aspects of pesticides and regulatory aspects. Because these three aspects are inseparable. Including about sanctions if there are violations," he said.

Regarding the problem of the entry of hazardous materials including raw materials for making pesticides, Sarwo hopes to pay attention to the Customs and Excise reform program.

According to him, the inclusion of hazardous materials is in accordance with customs regulations, there is no re-export of hazardous materials, so it is impossible for the inspection to be carried out at the post border. "The solution is extermination, while the destruction costs are greater than the production costs," he explained.

Director of Fertilizers and Pesticides Muhrizal Sarwani revealed, during this past year, his party had revoked 1,147 pesticide distribution permits. Revocation of this permit, after verification of 5,387 formulations.

"Revocation of licenses and registration numbers are prioritized for pesticide products that are no longer in production because the registration number expires and are no longer extended by the owner," Muhrizal Sarwani said.

He said, the basis for revoking registration numbers and pesticide permits is regulated in Article 60 Permentan Number 39/2015 concerning Procedures and Conditions for Pesticide Registration.

In the Permentan it was stated that revocation of registration numbers could be made at the request of the holder of the registration number and the validity period had expired, but was not extended by the owner. "The revocation process is through various stages and approval of the Pesticide Commission plenary session," he said.