Thursday, 27 June 2019 | 15:10 WIB

Indonesia Health Ministry Builds New Health Clinic in Madinah

Indonesia Health Ministry Builds New Health Clinic in Madinah (special)

JEDDAH, NNC - The Indonesia Ministry of Health is building an Indonesian Hajj Health Clinic (KKHI) in Medina. KKHI Madinah is targeted to be able to serve Indonesian pilgrims in the 2019 hajj season.

The Director General of Health Services at the Ministry of Health, Bambang Wibowo, looked directly at the location of the KKHI Madinah to find out the development of the development and ensure the workmanship as planned.

During his visit, the Director General of Health and Safety was also accompanied by the Head of the Health Human Resources Development Agency, Head of the Ministry of Health Hajj Health Center and Director of Quality and Accreditation of Health Services.

"I want to see firsthand the progress of improving the Indonesian pilgrimage clinic in Medina, because in order for us to be more ready for the infrastructure, hopefully we can better serve the congregation so that patient safety is guaranteed," Bambang said, in a written statement Friday (8/3 / 2019).

The new KKHI Medina is very strategically located. The five-story building is located about 2 kilometers from the Nabawi Mosque or precisely on Jl Prince Muhammed bin Abdul Aziz Medina, Saudi Arabia.

The clinic is 300 meters from the old building. Spatial aspects and ease of access are the main considerations for the transfer of KKHI Madinah. Thus, it is hoped that this new clinic can improve health services for all Indonesian pilgrims in need.

Later this clinic will serve pilgrims who need referral health care from groups or sectors so that the pilgrims who are treated can recover quickly so they can move and worship again smoothly to perform their hajj services.

The head of the Hajj Health Center, Eka Jusup Singka is optimistic, clinics that are equivalent to type C hospitals can be completed soon. The new clinic also has better capacity, equipment and equipment than previous health facilities.

"God willing, this clinic will be completed in May 2019 and we will ask the Minister of Health to formalize the Clinic," Eka said.

This health facility will be equipped with a treatment room, ICU, emergency room, medicine room, dental clinic, general polyclinic, laboratory, radiology, mental care clinic, and referral facilities. In addition to health services, there is room for office administration, sanitarian rooms and bedrooms for Hajj health workers.

General and mental treatment rooms are located on the ground floor and basement. There are 12 beds in the emergency room, 7 beds in the ICU on the ground floor. While the basement room is reserved for inpatient rooms with a capacity of 18 beds and 4 beds for mental health care. Overall, the clinic has 246 beds, both for patients and health workers.

Compared to the old clinics, there are many advantages that the new KKHI has. In addition to greater capacity and easier access, the new building has advantages in terms of the separation of public and private zoning, service flow and types of health services.

In addition to Medina, the Ministry of Health also has a new KKHI in Mecca with complete services. The clinic consists of 18 floors and is able to accommodate all non-fleet pilgrimage officers.