Wednesday, 17 July 2019 | 17:49 WIB

Village Minister Sad to See Infrastructure Conditions at Seluma

Village Minister Eko Putro Sandjojo visits Seluma District (kemendespdtt)

SELUMA, NNC - Eko Putro Sandjojo, Indonesia Minister of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Areas, and Transmigration, was touched by the conditions of infrastructure in a number of villages in Seluma District, Bengkulu, which was considered very apprehensive.

"I feel sad to see the conditions of the infrastructure. I feel that my legs are still sprained from just walking. Not to mention the bridge which is quite worrying too. That means I really appreciate the daily struggles of the community, especially if there is an emergency," Eko said while visiting Sinar Pagi Village, Seluma Utara District, Seluma District in order to inaugurate the operation of electricity on Monday (2/18/2019).

With the condition of the infrastructure that is very sad, Eko invited the Regent of Seluma and other Regents in Bengkulu to immediately coordinate with the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing and the Ministry of Transportation to get a program for the construction of road access and bridges whose conditions are very alarming.

"Therefore, I invite the Regent to immediately meet with the relevant ministries. Besides the village ministry there is also a bridge program. This is a concern. If not, the community will be poor. Nothing will be expensive. We from the Ministry of Village will fight, at least the bridge can be traversed by vehicles, and the bridge is quite scary. What is clear is that this must be fought together, "he said firmly.

Eko further said that President Joko Widodo always ordered work cabinet ministers to continue going down to the villages to find out the conditions and hear the complaints of the people directly.

"So by knowing firsthand that entering the village alone is a half-dead road. Actually there are many central government programs. It is only necessary from the regional government to be more active in reporting, so that funds from the center are right for those who really need them. "It is Rp. 560 trillion from 19 ministries. Because it is important that this information be fought so that the funds can be on target. Do not get developed villages and programs that are very left behind do not get the program," he said.

Regarding the village fund program, Eko advised villages that were still behind the infrastructure to continue to improve their infrastructure.

"So, I suggest here or Sinar Pagi Village and other villages where the infrastructure is very lacking to continue to build infrastructure with village funds. In addition, tourist villages can generate income and provide jobs for the community here," he said.