Friday, 23 Augst 2019 | 01:54 WIB

Jakarta Metro Police Claim Drug Cases in Its Jurisdiction Decrease in 2018

Illustration: Jakarta Metro Police held Press Conference on Drug Case Disclosure

JAKARTA, NNC - Drug cases in the Jakarta Metro Police's jurisdiction decreased in 2018 compared to 2017. This is evident based on the arrest data of the perpetrators until December 18, 2018, amounting to 6,856 people.

"In 2017 there were 7,757 suspects, while in 2018 up to December 18 there were 6,856 suspects," said Director of the Jakarta Metro Police Drugs Investigation Directorate Senior Commissioner of Police Suwondo Nainggolan in Jakarta, Monday (12/31/2018).

In the disclosures during 2017 and 2018, the police secured everything from producers to users.

"In 2017 there were three producers, 47 dealers, 6,040 sellers, 1,667 users. In 2018 there were 16 producers, 34 dealers, 5,917 sellers and 889 users. Suspects who were strictly penalized or [shot] died in 2017 amounted to 21, in 2018 there were 12 people," he explained.

He explained from the disclosure of narcotics cases during 2017 it could save up to 14,822,830 lives, while the disclosures during 2018 are calculated to save 19,418,392 people from the dangers of drugs.

"Surely in the future the challenges will be more difficult for the Directorate of Drugs Investigation to counter drug trafficking in the jurisdiction of the Jakarta Metro Police," he said.