Tuesday, 18 June 2019 | 21:57 WIB

Steve Emmanuel Could Face Death Penalty for Smuggling Cocaine from the Netherlands

Actor Steve Emmanuel was arrested for possession of cocaine

JAKARTA, NNC - Actor Steve Emmanuel (35), actress Andi Soraya's ex-husband, was arrested by West Jakarta Metro Police for possession of 92.04 grams of cocaine on Friday (12/21/2018) at around 22.00 GMT at Kintamani Condominium Apartment, Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta.

Head of Narcotics Lab Center of National Police Headquarters, Sr. Comr Sodiq Pratomo said that cocaine found to be the possession of Steve Emmanuel was super quality. And, Steve also admitted that the cocaine was smuggled from the Netherlands.

The amount of cocaine was originally 100 grams. But in four months he consumed only eight grams, with the remaining 92 grams in his possession. Steve claimed to have smuggled the cocaine from the Netherlands for his own consumption because of the poor quality of cocaine in Indonesia.

“Lab results show that it is pure hydrochloric cocaine," Sodiq said in Jakarta on Thursday (12/27/2018).

Sodiq revealed Steve's cocaine was different from most cocaine circulating in Indonesia which contained a mixture of other types of anesthesia. The use of cocaine is to experience excessive euphoria which leads to depression.

"The effect is euphoria, joy, stimulant. But in the future it will you depressed, paranoid and others negative effects," Sodiq said as quoted by Antara.

Tthe police, Steve claimed to have been consuming cocaine since 2008. 

Steve Emmanuel faces charges of Articles 114 and 112 of the Criminal Code, with the threat of a minimum of five years in prison, a maximum of a lifetime or a death sentence.