Monday, 27 May 2019 | 18:10 WIB

Jakarta Gov’t Set to Decide Extension of Odd-Even Road Ruling Tomorrow

Jakarta Gov't Set to Decide Extension of Odd-Even Road Ruling Tomorrow (twitter/tmcpolda)

JAKARTA, NNC - The fate of the odd-genal policy is still under discussion. Whether the odd-even policy will continue or not, will be determined on Thursday (12/27/2018).

Acting Head of Jakarta Transportation Agency Sigit Wijatmoko said his side has conducted a focused group discussions (FGD) with several parties several times to obtain input on policy questions that will be decided later.

"The plan will be finalized on December 27 . We will have an evaluation meeting and determination of further policies," Sigit said at Monas, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (12/26/2018).

He continued that based on the results of the FGD, many parties had proposed an extended odd-even ruling, including a number of modifications that would be made.

"The options include the possibility of expanding the area of ​​odd-even implementation, considering the increase in public transport users," Sigit said.

Previously, Police Adjunct Commissioner Budiyanto, Head of Traffic at Jakarta Metro Police, said the proposed odd-even policy would continue until next year.

"The results of the focus group discussion (FGD) concluded that traffic restrictions with odd-even schemes should be continued," he said.

This policy is an extension of the odd-even system policy adopted at the 2018 Asian Games.