Sunday, 16 June 2019 | 11:58 WIB

Village Ministry Presents Early Disaster Warning Tools to West Pasaman

Symbolic handover of early detection devices for landslides.

PASAMAN WEST, NNC – Ministry of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration (Kemendes PDTT) through the Directorate General of Specific Area Development (DG PDTu), provides an early detection devices for landslides and gabions to the West Pasaman District Government, West Sumatra, Saturday (15 /12/2018).

The handover was symbolically carried out in the form of a plaque which was submitted directly by the Acting Director General of Specific Regional Development, Aisyah Gamawati to the Assistant of the Government of West Pasaman District, Edi Murdani.

"We need to carry out mitigation measures to reduce losses, both material and people, one of which is by using this early detection tool for West Pasaman Regency," said Aisyah.

The early detection tool is currently located in Aia Gadang Village, Pasaman District. Whereas for gabions it is installed in Batang Pasanggian Village, Talamau District.

Meanwhile, Assistant for the Government of West Pasaman Regency, Edi Murdani, who was present on behalf of the West Pasaman Regent, welcomed the assistance.

"As one of the regions that has many villages with high disaster risk characteristics, we cannot remain silent waiting for a disaster to happen," Edi said.

In line with Edi, Febby Dt Bangso, the Special Staff of the Village Minister who was present at the handover event also conveyed that the Village Fund actually focuses on developing economic enterprises and empowering the community.

"That is the main focus of the 2019 Village Fund utilization, and empowerment in the field of disaster can possibly done through Village Fund instruments, for example training for village disaster preparedness cadres," Febby said.

High risk

West Pasaman Regency is one of the disadvantaged areas with a high risk of floods and landslides. For this reason, the presence of disaster early warning devices is important to determine weather conditions, rainfall intensity levels, and water levels.

"This system is one of the effective solutions in mitigation efforts to reduce casualties due to floods and landslides," said Director of Handling of Disaster Prone Areas of the Kemendes PDTT, Hasman Ma'ni who was also present at the handover event.