Tuesday, 20 April 2021 | 17:00 WIB

Polri Send Personnel to Africa as Part of Peace Mission

Polri Send Personnel to Africa as Part of Peace Mission (special)

BOGOR, NNC - The Indonesia National Police (Polri) have sent personnel to five countries in Africa and Haiti as part of the peace mission conducted by the United Nations (UN).

The number of personnel sent comprises of 378 police officers, including 40 female officers.

Police Inspector General Maltha, head of International Relations Division at Polri, said on Sunday (12/16) that the Garuda Bhayangkara personnel are sent to five UN peace missions in Sudan, Central Africa, South Sudan, Congo, and Haiti.

He explained, the troops sent were joined in two Formed Police Units (FPU) and Polri Advisors.

This force involved 40 policewomen who would be assigned to peacekeeping missions in the areas in conflict as requested by the UN.

"We have prepared these troops according to the needs of the mission area after the Recce team visited and deepened various information about Operational Area Analysis," he said. After investigating the information, Polri then made a program that was in line with the UN SOP to mediate in the conflict between the conflict areas.

"The preparation of the program lasts for nine months," he said.

Today, Polri is carrying out a Dragging Tradition for Peacepeekers (peacekeeping forces) who have carried out multiple exercises and various other capacity building activities led by the Karo International Mission Police, BJP Krishna Murti with the Hubinter team, Brimob and other supporting elements.

Maltha said that the Garuda Bhayangkara of Polri contingent sent on a world peace mission had a long history starting in 1989 in Namibia until 2017.

"The United Nations gives tremendous appreciation for international services and the maximum performance that the National Police always presents," he said

In detail, the total number of troops to be sent is a total of 378 personnel consisting of 198 FPU 11 personnel to UNAMID (Sudan), 151 FPU 1 personnel to MINUSCA (Central Africa).

Meanwhile, 29 Police Advisors who will be sent to Haiti (MINUSTJUH) two personnel to South Sudan (UNMISS) seven personnel, to Congo, 14 personnel, to Central Africa (MONUSCO) totaling six personnel. To carry out and carry out this task, the personnel have been equipped with several skills that support their duties in the conflict area. "They are also taught the languages of Arabic, French, and English," Maltha added.