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5.3-Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Bali and Lombok

5.3-Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Bali and Lombok (special)

JAKARTA, NNC - The Indonesia Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) has confirmed on Thursday (6/12/2018) at 08.02.47 West Indonesia Time, most of the Lombok and Bali regions were rocked by tectonic earthquakes.

The BMKG analysis showed that the earthquake had a strength of M = 5.7 which was updated to M = 5.3. The epicenter of the earthquake is located at coordinates 8.5 south latitude and 116.06 east longitude, or precisely located on land at a distance of 10 km northwest of Mataram City, West Nusa Tenggara Province at a depth of 10 km.

"By considering the location of the epicenter, the depth of the hypocenter, and the source mechanism, the earthquake that occured is a type of shallow earthquake due to Flores Back Arc Thrust," said BMKG Earthquake and Tsunami Center Head Rahmat Triyono in his written statement on Thursday (06/12).

The results of the analysis of the source mechanism indicate this earthquake, generated by rock deformation with a thrust fault mechanism.

The impact of this earthquake was reported to cause shocks in the North Lombok region on the intensity scale VI MMI, West Lombok and Mataram V MMI, Central Lombok and East Lombok IV MMI, Denpasar III-IV MMI, Jimbaran, Tabanan, Nusa Dua and Sumbawa III MMI, Karangasem, Singaraja and Kuta II-III MMI.

"Until now there have been no reports of the effects of the damage caused by the earthquake. The modeling results show that the earthquake did not have the potential for a tsunami," he explained.

Until 08.11 Indonesian western time, BMKG monitoring results have not shown any aftershocks.

The public is encouraged to remain calm and not be affected by issues that cannot be justified.