Tuesday, 18 June 2019 | 22:34 WIB

PKB Politicians Urge People to Read Verified Media to Discourage Hoax

Deputy Secretary General of DPP PKB, Ahmad Iman

JAKARTA, NNC – Deputy Secretary General of the National Awakening Party (PKB), Ahmad Iman appealed to the public to read the media verified by the Press Council as a reference.

This is intended to counteract the massive spread of hoax news that is currently rampant on social media, as well as WhatsApp groups.

"Just take the mainstream media for example. Because there are many online media sites that are randomly made specifically for certain political interests," said Ahmad Iman, Wednesday (11/21/2018).

Ahead of the 2019 presidential election (Pilpres), various types of abusive media that are deliberately created to spread hoaxes have begun to emerge.

Just like the US Presidential Election in 2016, Indonesia, according to Iman, was also bombarded with hoax news, to bring down one of the presidential and vice presidential candidates.

"These media cannot be sued. They don't have companies, especially offices. But if the media is bona fide, when they make mistakes they can be prosecuted," he said.