Thursday, 27 June 2019 | 14:58 WIB

KPU: Gov’t Support in the Form of Constant Communication

Member of KPU, Hasyim Asy'ari

JAKARTA, NNC - General Elections Commission (KPU) member, Hasyim Asy'ari requested support from all state institutions to continue carrying out the tasks and stages of the 2019 Election safely and smoothly.

"The KPU cannot work alone, we need support also from the government, ministries, National Armed Forces/Police. This is a part that we must communicate at all times," Hasyim said on Monday (11/19/2019).

He said, that electoral work is not easy. Especially in 2019, the struggle for power would be carried out on the same day, namely the Presidential Election and the Legislative Election simultaneously.

"In essence, we are all ready," Hasyim added.

Against this issue, the Election Supervisory Board (Bawaslu) through member M Afifudin also agreed that the election organizers need support from all parties for the success of the 2019 Election.

In terms of supervision, as with the institution's domain, this tight contestation must get the attention of all parties.

"Those who are monitored are indeed uncomfortable but that is the importance of coordination, understanding the same rules," Afifudin said.

From the Election Organizers Honor Council (DKPP), Muhammad agreed that the success of the election administration cannot be separated from the compactness of the KPU and Bawaslu on duty.

He also called for harmonization between the two at the central level to also apply to all other levels.