Tuesday, 18 June 2019 | 13:47 WIB

Wuling Motors Release Formo for Commercial Segment

Wuling Formo

JAKARTA, NNC - Chinese car manufacturer Wuling Motors Indonesia added a variant in Indonesia by releasing Wuling Formo at ITC Cempaka Mas, Jakarta, Wednesday (11/7/2018).

The Wuling Formo come with passenger or minibus models as well as commercial or blind vans that are suitable for business.

Vice President of Vehicle Sales, Service and Marketing of Wuling Motors, Cindy Cai said Wuling Formo is designed to provide comfort that could support consumer businesses.

"The Indonesian economy continues to grow along with the increase in business opportunities. We are optimistic that Wuling Formo can contribute to shaping a better future for small and medium businesses," said Cai.

Although these are commercial vehicles but their business features and technology are no less sophisticated than other cars in general. The Wuling Formo even have features more complete than other commercial vehicles in its class.

About the price, the Wuling Formo blind van is priced at IDR135.8 million, the Formo 8-seater minibus is being marketed at a price of IDR135.8 million, and the Formo 7-seater minibus has a price tag of IDR136.8 million. All three are sold on the road status in Jakarta.

This Wuling Confero based car has a length of 4,530 mm, width of 1,691 mm, and height of 1,730 mm. The axle distance of 2,720 mm with the front wheel has a distance of 1,430 mm and the distance of the rear wheel is 1,450 mm.

For the exterior, the front of Formo does have a standard Confero type appearance. The Formo headlights use the same lights, ordinary multireflector. The grille is simple with a black grille around the red logo.

Only thing that distinguishes Formo and Confero is the black can wheels. Formo also doesn't have side skirts and door handles are made of plastic.