Sunday, 16 June 2019 | 12:14 WIB

Passengers of Wings Air’s Kualanamu-Sabang Flight Abandoned

Wings Air Aircraft

SABANG, NNC - Wings Air’s passengers from Kualanamu Airport (North Sumatra) to Maimun Saleh Airport, Sabang, Aceh Province claimed to be abandoned.

"We were abandoned by Wings Air management. The plane canceled its landing at Sabang but we were not given any compensation," said a Wings Air passenger, Mawardi, when contacted by Antara from Sabang on Sunday (11/4/2018).

This statement was conveyed regarding the Wings Air aircraft type ATR 72-500 flight number IW1214 which failed to land at Maimun Saleh International Airport, Sabang, Sunday.

"The clerk at Kualanamu Airport admitted the cancellation of landing on Sabang was purely not a management mistake," said the passenger.

Wings Air’s passengers from Sabang also said that the airline returned the ticket money not according to the purchase price.

"I bought (the ticket) for more than IDR700 thousand and only got a IDR500 thousand returned. The Wings Air staff only replaced the price in the system," said Mawardi.

Wings Air Manager at Maimun Saleh Airport, Sabang, Djoni Zulfan explained, Wings Air aircraft type ATR 72-500 flight number IW1214 failed to land because they did not get permission to increase operating hours.

He said Wings Air took off from Kualanamu International Airport (North Sumatra) at exactly 12:59 a.m. to Maimun, Saleh International Airport, Sabang.

"Around 40 minutes after taking off, the Wings Air plane was forced to return to Kualanamu Airport because the Military Air Base of Maimun Saleh, Sabang did not want to sign a letter of additional operational hours of around 20 minutes," Djoni said.

"They should have delivered the news prior so as not to disappoint passengers," said Djoni as quoted from Antara.

The Lion Air Group airline through its Wings Air subsidiary serves flights from Kualanamu International Airport to Sabang and vice versa three times a week every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday

The Maimun Saleh International Airport in Sabang is a military facility with a runway length of 1,844 meters and a width of 30 meters.