Wednesday, 19 June 2019 | 09:45 WIB

RSB froms Special Team to Win Jokowi-Ma’ruf in the 2019 Presidential Election

United South Sumatra Volunteer (RSB)

JAKARTA, NNC - The United South Sumatra Volunteer (RSB) is determined to win presidential and vice-presidential candidate Joko Widodo - Ma'ruf Amin in the 2019 Presidential Election by forming a Special Team (Timsus) in 17 districts / cities. The RSB trained the team leader on Friday, Oct. 26) at the United South Sumatra Victory Command Post, on Jalan Basuki Rahmat in Palembang.

Chairperson of the United South Sumatra Volunteer Team provincial level, Sahrun Sobri, said the formation of the Special Team in 17 districts / cities is their step to winning the candidates as they still want the nation to be led by Jokowi.

"We do joke around, Jokowi-Ma'ruf Amin must win in South Sumatra. So, we form a team in each district / city in South Sumatra. Because we want the pair to win in all regions in South Sumatra," Sahrun told reporters on Saturday, Oct 27.

Sahrun later said the team will work their way from the bottom up. They will be posted at all polling stations throughout South Sumatra and will focus on organizing how to dominate the province.

"Don't forget, the large political forces in South Sumatra have united for the 2019 presidential run. Supporters of Herman Deru - Mawardi Yahya's side and Dodi Reza Akex Noerdin - Giri Kiemas' side have teamed up to accomplish one goal, to ensure the victory of Jokowi-Ma'ruf," said Sahrun.

Meanwhile, Ahmad Fadhil, who is present at the special team technical guidance, said the briefing delivered had opened his eyes and thoughts that Jokowi should continue to lead the country for the upcoming term. After four years of reign, a lot has been done and are successful.

"The data we've studied were clear. Poverty rate declined from 10.86 percent in March 2016 to 10.64 percent in March 2017, and continue to drop to 9.82 percent in March 2018, where it was the lowest since the reform," he said .

Fadhil says the rate of inequality declined from 0.393 in March 2017 to 0.389 in March 2018. "The most phenomenal is the decline in unemployment rate from 6.33 percent in February 2017 to 5.13 percent in February 2018. Those are all real achievements. So we should choose Jokowi for one more term," he added.