Wednesday, 17 July 2019 | 18:34 WIB

Prices of Onions in Cianjur Drastically Increase


CIANJUR, NNC -- The prices of garlic and red onion commodities in a number of traditional markets in Cianjur, West Java experienced a fairly high increase.

As a result, not only buyers but sellers complained about the high prices of the onions which soared to 60 percent of the usual price. The price increase has occurred since the last three days, usually onions are sold at IDR7,000 per kilogram, now rising to IDR22 thousand per kilogram.

"We are losing money because the buying price to distributors or agents soars every day. Like today we are still buying at IDR4,25,000 per sack, for tomorrow it has risen again to IDR550 thousand per sack," said Hadi (30) in Cianjur, Thursday (10/25/2018) , quoted by Antara.

He explained that the increase in the prices of onions was triggered by the lack of stock at the distributor level because of various things, including crop failure which caused the stock to decline.

"The buying rate is still quite high because onions are compulsory spices in every dish. However, we experience a significant loss because prices increase every day," he said.

He hopes the price of onions can stabilize again with the help of the government to control stock and stop the middleman's game that is detrimental to traders.