Tuesday, 18 June 2019 | 21:38 WIB

Pegadaian conducts ’Trauma Healing’ Program for Employees in Palu

PT Pegadaian carrying out the "Trauma Healing" program in Palu

PALU, NNCPT Pegadaian is carrying out the "Trauma Healing" program in Palu, by gathering all its regional employees. This program is done to reduce trauma impact for Pegadaian employees over the earthquake and tsunami disaster.

"This program aims to reduce the trauma experienced by our employees posted in Palu and its surrounding areas by providing spirit inorder to motivate them," Pegadaian CEO said at the Trauma Healing Program, Palu, in a press release on Wednesday , Oct 24.

During this program, Pegadaian gathered some 120 employees posted in Palu, in hopes to motivate them to rise and get their spirit back.

"To our employees impacted by the disaster, never give up, keep fighting and keep the spirit. Not only for Pegadaian employees, but for the people of Palu who are affected by the disaster."

PT Pegadaian invited speaker Irfan Rapegawe to convey the trauma healing material to Pegadaian employees.

Pegadaian also provided aid to employee families who are the victims of disaster in several areas including Palu, Donggala, and Sigi.