Wednesday, 19 June 2019 | 08:24 WIB

Narcotics Circulation Case increases throughout October 2018

Illustration of burning marijuana plants

JAKARTA, NNC - Narcotics circulation cases in Indonesia throughout October 2018 have increased each week. This was revealed from an analysis conducted by the police.

Police Headquarter Narcotics Crime Criminal Investigation Director Brigadier General Eko Daniyanto said the disclosure of narcotics cases was a calculation from the Analysis and Evaluation done by the Police Narcotics Criminal Investigation Directorate.

"In the second week of October 2018, there were 825 drug cases dealt by the Police. The case were increased by 6 percent in the third week of October 2018 to 869 cases," Eko Daniyanto said Sunday, Oct 21.

Eko says the drug evidence seized have also climbed from 6,065,039.31 grams in the second week of October to 7,889,318.36 grams or up by 30 percent in just one week.

Then, crystal meth seized also increased in the same period from 30,696.61 grams, up by 100 percent to 61,196.6 grams. Ecstasy pills also increased in the same period from 2,396.15 to 8,779.25 pills.

Eko say other narcotics evidence to have increased include gorilla tobacco. There were 13.63 grams of gorilla tobacco confiscated in the second week of October 2018 and rose in the third week to 168.87 grams or up by 1.145 percent.

"We will not stop to uncover narcotics circulation in Indonesia," Eko said.