Monday, 17 June 2019 | 11:34 WIB

Police unveils Distribution of Gorilla Tobacco via Social Media in Karawang

Gorilla Tobacco seized as evidence in Karawang Resort Police

KARAWANG, NNC - Karawang Resort Police Narcotics Unit successfully uncovered the circulation of synthetic tobacco type narcotic dubbed gorilla tobacco. The transaction of the tobacco between the seller and buyer are done via social media.

Karawang Resort Police Narcotics Unit Chief Adj.Commissioner Agus Susanto said his department managed to reveal the circulation of synthetic tobacco type drug and also arrested the dealers.

"We have apprehended 14 drug dealers comprising seven gorilla tobacco dealers and seven methamphetamine dealers," Agus Susanto said in Karawang on Monday, Oct 15.

The 7 gorilla tobacco dealers are Chrysanda Pamungkas (23), Rizky Surya Dermawan (25), Frendi Aji Pengestu (25), Sarman (25), Himawan Rizky Hardianti (25), Kevin Muhammad Fajar (25), and Afrijal Saeful (25).

Agus says gorilla tobacco is dangerous because it contains a mixture of synthetic marijuana liquid. These dealers buy these illicit products in Jakarta and distributed it in Karawang.
"These gorilla tobacco suppliers buy illicit goods from Jakarta and the perpetrators sell the tobacco in various sizes to a number of places in Karawang. There are also those who offer illicit goods through Social Media, "he said.

Police seized 32 packages of ready-to-distribute tobacco weighing 127 grams as evidence.

The perpetrators have been charged with Regulation Number 35 Year 2009 on Drugs with a maximum sentence of 15 years imprisonment.