Wednesday, 19 June 2019 | 10:01 WIB

BNN Successfully Foils Smuggling of 114 Kg of Meth and Thousands of Ecstasy Pills

Press conference of smuggling of 114.9 Kg of meth and 30 thousand ecstasy pills

JAKARTA, NNC - National Narcotics Agency (BNN) together with the Director General of Customs and Indonesian Navy (AL) successfully foiled four cases of narcotics crime in three locations.

BNN Chief Comr. Gen. Heru Winarko said two cases were revealed in Riau, while two others were revealed in West Kalimantan and East Aceh respectively.

The case was revealed following an investigation conducted over the past month. From the disclosure of the four cases, continued Heru, the BNN managed to capture a total of 21 suspects and confiscated evidence in the form of 114.9 kg of methamphetamine (meth) and 30 thousand ecstasy pills.

"During the period of August 2018, BNN cooperated with Customs and Excise, and the Navy disclosed four cases of narcotics crime in Aceh, Riau and Kalimantan," Heru said at the BNN office on Friday (08/31/2018).

Heru explained as many as four suspects were detained in Rokan Hilir Regency, Riau, nine suspects in East Aceh Tamiang, three suspects in West Kalimantan, and four suspects in Dumai City, Riau.

The majority of cases, said Heru, are attempts to smuggle these illicit goods from Malaysia to Indonesia. In fact, according to Heru, there are perpetrators who desperately smuggled meth still in its crystal form. The smuggling of methamphetamine in the form of crystals is unusual.

"It's a bit interesting that the form is still crystal not powder, so maybe only this time we can get it," Heru said.

From the arrest of the 21 perpetrators, the National Narcotics Agency estimates that 634 thousand Indonesian children are saved from drug abuse.

"As many as 114.9 kg of methamphetamine and 60 thousand ecstasy pills were successfully secured and approximately 634 thousand of the nation's children from drug abuse," Heru said.

As many as 21 arrested perpetrators have been named as suspects and charged with Article 114 paragraph (2) in conjunction with Article 132 paragraph (1) in conjunction with Article 112 paragraph (2) in conjunction with Article 132 paragraph (1), Law No. 35 of 2009 on Narcotics with maximum threats capital punishment.