Wednesday, 17 July 2019 | 17:54 WIB

BNN Seizes 7 Kg Meth and 65,000 Ecstasy Pills Valuing Billions of Rupiahs

BNN Deputy Eradication Inspector General Arman Depari

TANGERANG, NNC - The National Narcotics Agency (BNN) and the Banten Provincial BNN revealed a case on the distribution of methamphetamine (meth) and around 65,000 ecstasy pills worth tens of billions of rupiah.

Central BNN Deputy Eradication Inspector General Arman Depari said Wednesday in Serang that the Banten Provincial BNN and BNN have arrested and seized meth and ecstasy in the Tangerang City area. The drug case was revealed on Monday, Aug 27, at Indo Cargo Express, Jl. Garuda Baru Ceper, Tangerang.

"The evidences seized include seven meth packages weighing a total of 7 kilograms and 13 packs of ecstasy approximately 65,000 pills," said Inspector General Arman Depari accompanied by the Head of Banten BNNP Brigadier General Muhamad Nurochman at a press release at the Banten's BNN Office.

In addition to drug evidences, BNN also secured one suspect identified as Mulyadi aka Aryanto.

Arman says the chronology of the disclosure started from the information received by Central BNN on drug shipment of Meth and Ecstasy from Dumai through Indah Cargo Logistics delivery. The package was addressed to Ariyanto with the address of Jl. Budget No. 52 Karang Tengah, Tangerang.

After an investigation with BNN Banten on Monday, Aug 27, the package arrived at Indo Cargo Expres Jl.Garuda Baru Ceper Tangerang City Banten.

"At the same time, a man named Mulyadi came to take the package, then the arrests were made and two packages of methamphetamine and ecstasy were found," Arman said as quoted by Antara.

Arman says Mulyadi mentioned that he was instructed by A, the owner of the shipment who is detained at the Salemba Detention Center Jakarta.

"The case is still under development, the evidence and the suspect are taken to the Banten BNN for further investigation process," said Arman.

Meanwhile, BNNP Banten Chief Muhamad Nurochman said that the price of these ecstasy drugs are estimated to be worth IDR 300,000 - 400,000 per pill in the market. The amount of ecstasy pills confiscated is around 65,000 or valuing around IDR 18 billion.

"This meth cost IDR 1.5 million per gram, one kilo means IDR 1.5 billion. There are seven kilos, just multiply it by seven," Nurochman said