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Celebrating 52nd Anniversary, Hasnur Group Provides Free Medical Treatments, Scholarships

Hasnur Group celebrating 52nd Anniversary

JAKARTA, NNC - Hasnur Group is celebrating its 52nd Anniversary, which falls on August 27, 2018, by carrying out activities including free medical treatment for 200 people from Bahalang River and Pandahan villages, cleaning 19 mosques and prayer rooms, as well as providing scholarships for 25 people from the community around its business location.

Spokesman for the management of Hasnur Group Syamsul Bachri Djadi said that at the age of more than half a century, aside from strengthening the business, the company also wants to play a role in society.

One form of the company's contribution to society today is realized in the field of education and sports. Through the Hasnur Center Foundation, the company manages junior high (SMP) and senior high (SMA) boarding schools that have graduated three generations.

The company also manages polytechnic consisting of three departments, namely Automotive Engineering, Informatics Engineering, and Plantation Crop Cultivation. Syamsul said the polytechnic was developed in accordance with the needs of the Hasnur Group business.

"Hasnur Group currently has five business lines, i.e., the Forestry, Mining and Infrastructure, Plantation, Media and Services sectors," Syamsul said in his written statement.

Through PT Barito Putera and PT Hasnur Jaya Utama, the company manages the forestry sector. The Company has 80,725-hectare Natural Forest Product Utilization Business License and has a Timber Legality Certificate.

The plantation sector is managed by PT Hasnur Citra Terpadu since February 2013 and has operated the first CPO plant with a capacity of 45 tons of oil per hour in Tapin Regency, South Kalimantan.

The managed plantation land reaches 18,798 hectares and is the first oil palm plantation in Tapin Regency which has an Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) Certificate.

Hasnur Group also has a business providing transportation services, vehicle rental and heavy equipment rental through PT Magma Sigma Utama, including technology and information business, and Construction Services.

In the media business, the company owns PT Hasnur Media Citra and a subsidiary that manages Gol FM Radio and Duta TV. The company is also the owner of PS Barito Putera football team, which this year began to top the Indonesian League 1 rank.

Meanwhile, the mining and infrastructure business sector contributed the most to Hasnur Group by around 80 percent. This business is carried out through PT Hasnur Jaya International (HJI) which will offer shares to the public or IPO with proceeds targeted to reach IDR1.4 trillion.

Meanwhile, other activities to commemorate the anniversary of the company were carried out through thanksgiving and pilgrimage to the grave of the founder of Hasnur Group, i.e., H Abdussamad Sulaiman HB in Barito Kuala Regency, South Kalimantan.