Friday, 27 November 2020 | 15:25 WIB

GFI: Beware of the Existence of US Biomedical Research Center in Indonesia

Global Future Institute (GFI) Executive Director Hendrajit (left)

JAKARTA, NNC - The Global Future Institute (GFI) feels the need to ask the Indonesian government, especially the Political-Security stakeholders, Foreign Politics, intelligence authorities and the Health Ministry, to be aware of the existence of the third largest US Biomedical Research Center or more known as AFRIMS, as a new style Naval Medical Research Unit-2 (NAMRU).

According to GFI's observation, AFRIMS has spread to several countries in Southeast Asia including Laos, Vietnam, Singapore and the Philippines.

"We from GFI have closely monitor the existence of AFRIMS, The Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Services. which is allegedly a similar project as NAMRU-2," GFI Executive Director Hendrajit told NNC on Monday, Aug 27.

Its proven that the knowledge of infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and dengue fever known to Indonesian doctors have stagnated without any development progress since the establishment of NAMRU-2 since 1970.

"This strengthens the suspicion that the US has violated the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia as it has used the facilities provided by the Health Ministry for covert purposes. Our findings in 2007 revealed indications of US Navy intelligence operations involvement for the development of biological weapons under the guise of research on infectious diseases," Hendrajit said.

GFI plans to have talks on the matter at Wisma Daria, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta on Thursday, Aug 30,by inviting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kesbangpol of the Ministry of Interior Affairs, Ministry of Health, House of Representatives, former Marine General Commander, Maj.Gen (ret) Suharto, CSIS and others.

Hendrajit say this is necessary inorder to be aware of the existence of NAMRU-2, which allegedly argued as AFRIMS.

Hendrajit says the existence of the United States NAMRU-2 in Indonesia was mysterious since January 1974 and had been shut down in October 2009 by the Health Minister at the time, Siti Fadilah Supari.

Its official lab is a research lab for infectious diseases, which in fact was a guised of US Navy intelligence operations in Indonesia. Thus endangering the national sovereignty of Indonesia.

However, GFI is still questioning whether the US NAMRU-2, which had been halted by Health Minister Supari in October 2009, had completely stop operating in Indonesia. There are indications that AFRIMS is a new US-style NAMRU-2.