Wednesday, 17 July 2019 | 17:59 WIB

Village Ministry Promises Training for All Jayawijaya BUMDes

Secretary General of the Ministry of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration, Anwar Sanusi.

JAKARTA, NNC - Secretary General of the Ministry of Villages, Development of Underdeveloped Regions, and Transmigration (Kemendes PDTT), Anwar Sanusi will hold mentoring and guidance to all Village Owned Enterprises (BUMDes) throughout Jayawijaya, Papua.

"In the near future, the briefing will be carried out through a training forum planned to be held at the Community Training Center in Papua. The name is interesting, namely the village academy. We will schedule it later," he explained, at the Kemendes PDTT’s office, Jakarta, Friday (8/24/2018).

He hopes that the community’s serious support in developing BUMDes will certainly accelerate the improvement of the welfare of rural communities in Papua, especially Jayawijaya Regency.

Moreover, Anwar said, Jayawijaya Regency has the potential for extraordinary natural beauty.

"Jayawijaya is a place like a piece of heavenly land that is lowered on the earth. So it's amazing," he said admiringly.

In line with the Secretary General, Director General of Village Community Development and Empowerment of the Kemendes PDTT, Taufik Madjid said, they would continue to guard the activeness of BUMDes throughout Jayawijaya.

Regarding the selection of business types, according to him, must be adjusted to the needs, characteristics, and potential of each village.

"Show achievements. BUMDes with good achievements will be helped. Business units do not need too much, one or two businesses are enough. The important thing is for it to be serious and appropriate," said Taufik Madjid.