Thursday, 23 May 2019 | 14:20 WIB

Prabowo-Sandi’s Supporters Clashes in Front of KPU Building

Prabowo Subianto when he registers to KPU

JAKARTA, NNC - Supporters of the presidential and vice presidential pair candidates Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno clashed with officials in front of the General Election Commission (KPU) Building at Imam Bonjol Street, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Friday (8/10/2018).

Based on NNC's monitoring on location, the clash began with the arrival of Prabowo-Sandi to the KPU to register their candidacy. Both were escorted by hundreds of their supporters.

Prabowo, wearing a white shirt, black peci (small hat sometimes worn by Moslem men), and sunglasses, looked dashing on a white Lexus, while hundreds of his supporters escorted him by walking near his Lexus.

When they were about to enter the KPU Building, a joint task force guarding the KPU Building appealed that those who could escort Prabowo-Sandi into the building would only be a team or volunteers who have special crudentials from the committee.

But unfortunately, the appeals were ignored by hundreds of Prabowo-Sandi supporters. They tried to break in by pushing the barricade of the officers.

This heated up the atmosphere and people started to push each other around, causing some volunteers to fall due to the large crowds.

Luckily, the incident did not last long, and the atmosphere returned conducive. Prabowo-Sandi and his entourage finally entered the KPU building, while their supporters who were clashing moved to the opposite side of the front street of the KPU Building which had barbed wire.