Wednesday, 17 July 2019 | 17:19 WIB

Illegal Wildlife Trade Perpetrators Can be Prosecuted with Money Laundering

anti-wildlife trading campaign (profauna)

JAKARTA, NNC - Noor Rochmad, Deputy Attorney General for General Crimes, assesses that protected wildlife traffickers could be charged with acts of money laundering.

“The criminal act in the protected wildlife sector is not only a violation of conservation of natural resources, but also in field of economics, namely from money laundering,” Noor Rochmad said during the signing of MoU to increase the capacity of the public prosecutor in relation to protected wildlife crime along with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Indonesia.

According to Noor, illegal wildlife trade perpetrators can be charged with money laundering if there is  a flow of funds placed in banks.

He believes that wildlife trade crime will not stop in conservation issues but also lead to other crimes.

However, to prove the crime of money laundering, it was up to the judge to prove.

Noor said the Attorney General’s Office has also officially cooperated with Worldlife Conservation Society - Indonesia Program (WCS-IP) to combat the trafficking of protected wildlife.

He continued that the cooperation with WCS will be helpful for the Attorney General's Office in prosecuting the perpetrators of the illegal wildlife trade.

Noor said WCS had already agreed to help in some way, including by providing in-house training opportunities for prosecutors handling illegal wildlife trade cases, and providing an expert in court when there are cases of illegal wildlife trade.

He assured that the AGO will not be selective in the prosecution of the perpetrators of illegal wildlife trade, after information surfaced on the alleged existence of corporations involved in the case.

“We will remain consistent and make no distinctions.  Anyone can be prosecuted for illegal wildlife trade,” said Noor. (*)