Monday, 17 June 2019 | 11:52 WIB

Village Ministry Has Just Opened New Transmigration Areas in Papua

Transmigration settlement in Werianggi Village, Wondama Bay, West Papua

WEST PAPUA, NNC -- The Ministry of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration has given the 'green light' for Wondama Bay Regency Government, West Papua, to open two new transmigration areas.

The Wondama Bay Manpower and Transmigration Agency Head I Wayan Redana in Wasior, on Wednesday, said the transmigration areas would be opened in the Werianggi and Werabur Villages of Nikiwar District.

"Wondama Bay Regency Government is still waiting for a recommendation from the Governor of West Papua for the establishment of a transmigration area. Without it, the opening of transmigration areas cannot be done," Wayan said, quoted by Antara on Thursday (08/02/2018).

According to him, the Governor's recommendation becomes the basis for the Village Minister to issue a decision letter on the establishment of transmigration areas.

He added the opening of the new areas is the expansion of transmigration settlement unit 1 (SP-1) already existing in Werianggi.

"In 2017, an SP-2 spatial survey has been conducted. The capacity is 220 families. The administrative requirements that must be fulfilled are only the governor's recommendation," said Wayan.

After later SP-2 is opened, he continued, in 2019 the regional government is going to apply for the opening of SP-3 in the Werabur region.

"We will submit again in 2019 because Werabur has been separated from the conservation area. In the map it has been white so it has become the APL (area for other uses) field," Wayan continued.