Tuesday, 11 May 2021 | 20:32 WIB

Safe Travel App Launched for Guiding Indonesians Traveling Abroad

Illustration: Safe Travel App.

JAKARTA, NNC -- The digital world and the internet have changed many things. Without exception, tourist trends to foreign countries are increasing every year following the ease of buying tickets and booking accommodation by way of online. According to data from the Directorate General of Immigration in 2016, there were 8.4 million Indonesians traveling abroad.

In 2017 the figure rose to 9.1 million. By the year 2018 it is expected to increase in number. This amount excludes Indonesian Migrant Workers (TKI).

Realizing there are millions of Indonesian citizens abroad, Android and iOS-based Safe Travel is launched. This application helps Indonesian citizens who get problems overseas so the government can provide assistance, it can also monitor the distribution, location, and identities of Indonesian citizens abroad.

This free downloadable app is designed with a safe and fun concept. It contains practical information that travelers need to travel abroad. In addition, there is also Diplo which conducts researches on big data and information. Diplo is currently in the process of doing research on artificial intelligent (AI).

Asian Project Manager of DiploFoundation Shita Laksmi said the application can also be utilized for digital diplomacy on diplomatic activities, as it includes a number of examples of daily interaction for discussions and future challenges in facing digital diplomacy.

Ahmad Rahmadan from the Directorate of Information at Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained not only in state of emergency, the application is designed with the concept of safe and fun, it contains practical information required by Indonesian citizens.

Indonesian citizens will get comprehensive information about various countries in the world, contact information of Indonesian Representatives, laws and rules applicable in each country, local currencies, places of worship, tourist sites, and culinary information.

"Another important feature is the emergency button (Panic button). In a state of emergency, Indonesians abroad can use the emergency button feature to send photos, record videos, contact the nearest Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia and send the scene," said Achmad in his statement Saturday (7/14/2018).

Director of DiploFoundation Jovan Kurbalija said many things can now be done by utilizing digital technology including social networking sites. "In the digital age, the use of social media has become a necessity. For example almost all global leaders now have Facebook and Twitter accounts for diplomacy," he said.