Monday, 17 June 2019 | 12:37 WIB

Universitas Riau Rector on Densus 88 Raiding Campus Revealing Suspected Terrorists

Rector of Universitas Riau Aras Mulyadi.

PEKANBARU, NNC - Rector of the Universitas Riau (Unri) Aras Mulyadi appreciated National Police (Polri) success in uncovering the terrorist network on the campus.

"I am on behalf of the leaders of all civitas academica [society of academicians] to thank Densus [Special Detachment] 88 and also Riau Regional Police which have revealed this incident," said Prof. Dr. Aras Mulyadi in Pekanbaru, Sunday (6/3/2018) as quoted by Antara.

If the suspected terrorists found in the Faculty of Social and Political Science (FISIP) Building of Universitas Riau is not immediately arrested, Aras said, it would cause many casualties.

He said that his party entrusted the legal treatment of three suspected terrorists who are alumni of FISIP of Universitas Riau to the police. "I believe it will be resolved in accordance with the legislation by Densus 88 and the anti-terror agency and other related parties," he said.

Aras said the entire civitas academica of the state university strongly condemns the terrorist activities carried out by the alumni.

According to him, such action is by no means a commendable act and is clearly a forbidden act. "Frankly the entire civitas academica condemns the activities that lead to the bomb, and proved by this," he said.

During the period, he said, the campus did not suspect all activities, especially those involving alumni in one of the oldest universities in Riau.

Aras admitted deeply regretted by the incident.

He said it would immediately consolidate internally after the incident to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

Densus 88 Counterterrorism team along with Riau Police raided the campus on Saturday afternoon. The raids involved fully armed personnel from Brimob (Mobile Brigade Corps), Gegana (Bomb Squad) and Inafis (Indonesia Automatic Fingerprint Identification System).

From the raids, police detained three suspected terrorists each with initials Z, B, and K.

From those three people, the police seized four units of homemade bombs and confiscated a number of explosives from the building which is actually a joint secretariat of the student institution.