Wednesday, 17 July 2019 | 17:43 WIB

Densus 88 Raids Universitas Riau, Riau Police Chief: Related to Alleged Terrorists

Illustration: Special Detachment 88 Counterterrorism team.

PEKANBARU, NNC -- Riau Regional Police declared a search made by Special Detachment (Densus) 88 Counterterrorism at the Universitas Riau, precisely in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (Fisip) related alleged existence of terrorist network.

"Yes, if Densus 88 it is certainly [related with alleged terrorist network]," said Head of Public Relations of Riau Police Adjunct Senior Commissioner of Police Sunarto in Pekanbaru, Saturday (6/2/2018).

However, Sunarto was not willing to comment much related to the search involving Mobile Brigade Corps (Brimob) and the Directorate of General Crime Investigation of Riau Police and Pekanbaru City Resort Police.

Meanwhile, Riau Police Chief Inspector General of Police Nandang said that Riau Police in the search is only giving security.

The police chief was unwilling to disclose the search process, including the number of perpetrators being examined and the evidence confiscated.

For information, the Bomb Squad (Gegana) of Brimob of Riau Police seized a number of items from searches conducted in one of the buildings on the Fisip campus.

There are at least three plastic bags and a number of goodie bags seized by officers.

It remains unclear the type of goods being seized. However, Brimob personnel of Riau Police immediately rushed carrying the items to Gegana cars which had been alerted around the search area.

Special Detachment 88 Counterterrorism ransacked one of the buildings on the campus of Fisip, Universitas Riau. The search was conducted from 2 pm Saturday noon to 4.30 pm. The search involves a strict custody of fully armed Brimob personnel.

Two vehicles of Bomb Squad of Brimob of Riau Police were seen standby around the search area, one of which is of Baracuda vehicle type.

The ransacked building is a joint secretariat office for all Fisip student institutions. The two-story building is named Fisip Student Center, as reported by Antara.